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Registering to take the EPPP:

Graduate Students in a Psychology Doctoral Program currently in good standing, who have verification from their graduate school Director of Training, may be approved to take the EPPP.

The registration process for EPPP approval includes the following:

  1. Completion of the EPPP Demographic Form.
  2. Payment of non-refundable fee.
  3. Completion of background check.
  4. Notarized Affidavit from the Director of Training. (Click HERE for Affidavit)
  5. To request EPPP accommodations, complete this request form which requires a healthcare provider signature. (Click HERE for form.)  You may email the signed form along with supplemental documentation to the Board at for review.

Once all of the above information is received the MSBOP will review the registration material and determine if the student will be recommended to take the EPPP.

Ready to register to take the EPPP? Click HERE.